Certified BIO quality.

For an uncompromising standard.

Already since 2007 our company is organic-certified under the control number DE-ÖKO-006. Issued and state-monitored by the ÖKO control body ABCERT AG in Esslingen (Germany).

This company certificate entitles us to purchase, process and sell products from controlled organic animal husbandry. Bestvital® BIO Colostrum products are therefore uniformly labeled throughout Europe with the certified BIO seal.

Our Bestvital® BIO Colostrum products are therefore subject to a complete and very conscientious quality control from the cow to you. Far-reaching requirements, from species-appropriate animal husbandry to pesticide-free cultivation of the pastures and gentle processing of the Colostrum raw material, are a self-evident prerequisite.

The strict organic-quality regulation of the European Union also ensures that our Bestvital® BIO Colostrum products are guaranteed free of inhibitors (antibiotics) and hormone residues, as well as harmful metabolic end products and BSE. And, of course, completely GMO-free.


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Bestvital® Colostrum. Germany's best-selling organic first milk.