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Questions & Answers:

Why have I never heard of Colostrum?

Colostrum has existed since mammals were born. As far back as ancient Egypt, Colostrum was considered a gift from the sun god Ra to the pharaohs and high priests.

Among the Incas, Colostrum was the food of the Sun Kings, and in ancient Greece it was the preferred source for enhancing the performance of athletes.

In the American Civil War, Colostrum was used to treat wounds. Colostrum was also used under the personal physician of Goethe and Schiller, Dr. Christof W. Hufeland.

By the end of the 19th century, there were already numerous studies concerning the functional diversity of Colostrum, until finally in the middle of the 20th century, with the discovery of antibiotics, such as penicillin, the age of the pharmaceutical industry was ushered in.

Colostrum was then completely forgotten in the following decades.

Only a few years ago Colostrum was again examined in detailed human studies and is in the meantime again highly estimated as completely natural means. Colostrum is classified as food in Germany.

As one of the leading Colostrum specialists in German-speaking Europe, we have been scientifically dealing with the natural substance Colostrum for over 15 years and are thus among the pioneers in this field.

Why should I prefer Colostrum from the cow?

Due to the so-called placental barrier, the immune substances that are essential for the survival of the calf are not yet passed on before birth. These antibodies only enter the calf's organism directly after calving (for about 72 hours) via the Colostrum administration.

Therefore, the cow's Colostrum contains more than 4 times as many immune factors as human Colostrum.

Due to the similar composition, especially with regard to immune substances and growth factors, cow Colostrum can be particularly well utilized by humans. Since many components are not species-specific, they also show high efficiency in humans.

In order to be able to guarantee an absolute freedom from antibiotics and hormones, we process in our Bestvital® products exclusively organicColostrum from controlled organic cattle herds in Germany.

Why only Colostrum from the very first hours after birth?

The Colostrum is already formed during pregnancy and collected in the mammary glands. Within the first 12 hours after birth, more than 80% of the important Colostrum ingredients are already transferred.

In the following hours and days, of course, Colostrum continues to be produced by the maternal organism, but only to a lesser extent. Finally, after 72 hours, the Colostrum finally turns into milk.

That is why we use for our Bestvital® organic (BIO) products only the Colostrum of the 1st and 2nd excess milking within the very first hours.

Do the calves receive enough Colostrum at all?

Of course, the calf always receives the first Colostrum produced by the dam. It is essential for the health and survival of the newborn. Of course, this is also in the primary interest of every farmer.

However, since the dam produces considerably more Colostrum (approx. 15-20 l) than the calf needs (approx. 5-7 l), the surpluses (which, unfortunately, used to be simply poured away!) can also be utilized for humans.

Important here is especially a professional further processing of the first mash. Our Bestvital® Colostrum products are therefore produced according to the most modern and gentle processing methods in the world.

What can Bestvital® Colostrum do for me?

As a result of the aging process, the body's production of immune and growth factors is steadily decreasing. Colostrum is a natural source of these substances.

This is because (cow) colostrum not only supports and regulates the body's immune functions in calves, but also optimizes their cell structure.*

(*Unfortunately, as a manufacturer/distributor, we are prohibited from making healing claims regarding the effects of Colostrum products on humans. At this point we have to refer to numerous existing medical studies or to corresponding specialist literature).

Is Bestvital® Colostrum also suitable for competitive athletes?

Of course, athletes can also benefit from the properties of the ingredients of Colostrum. High-performance athletes in particular are often susceptible to a weakening of the immune system, e.g. due to overtraining, and therefore depend on the body's ability to regenerate quickly.

By the way, many well-known competitive athletes have been relying on our high-quality Bestvital® Colostrum products for years.

Bestvital® Colostrum Liquid or Bestvital® Colostrum Capsules?

Many people prefer Colostrum in as natural a form as possible and subsequently opt for the liquid variant.

Our Bestvital® BIO Colostrum Liquid comes exclusively from controlled organic animal husbandry in Germany and contains no preservatives.

For this reason, the bottle should be refrigerated after opening and consumed within 14 days. Bestvital® BIO Colostrum Liquid is sterilely processed in an extremely gentle cold filtration process.

It is practically almost the original product and is characterized in particular by minimalist processing.

Our Bestvital® BIO Colostrum capsules also come from controlled organic animal husbandry in Germany.

Of course, they are also processed using the most gentle techniques (sterile microfiltration, freeze-drying).

The starting material is again the liquid raw Colostrum. Bestvital® BIO Colostrum capsules are characterized in particular by simple and practical handling as well as a significantly longer shelf life.

Here, too, we naturally do not use any preservatives.

Why is Bestvital® Colostrum defatted in the first place?

The lipids in Colostrum ensure good dissolution and distribution, bind various ingredients and provide a certain protective function for the immune factors.

On the other hand, they are often difficult for the human organism to digest and easily become rancid. This, of course, further limits the shelf life of Colostrum.

Bestvital® Colostrum products are therefore not completely reduced in fat and thus represent a good compromise.

And what about BSE?

So far, there is no evidence whatsoever that BSE can be transmitted through a cow's milk or Colostrum. The EU Commission has clearly ruled this out.

However, to be absolutely sure, we only process Colostrum from (organic-) certified farmers in Germany for our Bestvital® products, as there has never been a proven case of BSE in a (organic-) cattle herd.

How should I dose Bestvital® Colostrum?

The average consumption recommendation for our Bestvital® Colostrum products is 1 tablespoon (10 ml) per 30 kg body weight or 1 capsule (400 mg) per 25 kg body weight.

Is Bestvital® Colostrum also suitable for children?

Of course, colostrum is also suitable for young children and adolescents. The consumption recommendation is of course based on the body weight. Thus, the dosage can be somewhat lower accordingly.

Is Bestvital® Colostrum also permanently tolerated?

There is nothing to be said against a permanent consumption of our Bestvital® Colostrum products, as they are by definition approved foods in Germany.

Can I take Bestvital® Colostrum in case of lactose intolerance?

Our Bestvital® Colostrum products are basically very low in lactose. In the case of lactose intolerance, our Bestvital® BIO Colostrum Liquid has proven particularly effective, as this product is the most lactose-reduced.

In case of doubt, however, you should first test the compatibility with small amounts.

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