What is colostrum?

The first milk. All included.

Colostrum (colostrum, first milk, beast milk) is the first milk of any mammal and is provided in this form only in the first 72 hours after birth. Colostrum differs fundamentally from normal milk in that it contains ingredients that are absolutely unique in nature in this complexity and concentration.

Colostrum. The Power of Nature.

In Colostrum, the individual active ingredients are contained in a 100% natural and optimal composition and have been developed by nature itself in a long and natural evolutionary process for the protection of the infant against bacterial and viral infections as well as for prophylaxis against many potentially dangerous diseases.

In addition to a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, first milk contains a combination of bioactive substances that are vital for the body's immune defenses and regeneration.

The super stuff for calves.

Every cow also produces this very special "super milk" especially in the first hours of its calf's life.

Unlike humans, calves see the light of day without their own immunization. Only the very first vaccination with maternal Colostrum gives them a safe and healthy start into a happy cow life.

The first milk of cows therefore contains 4 times as many immune factors (antibodies) as human Colostrum.

These antibodies are the most important first milk components in terms of protective effect for the newborn calf. Already in the first weeks of life, they provide for the formation of general defenses and thus form a perfect protection against infections.

One of the most important tasks of the immune factors is the neutralization of viruses, bacteria, fungi and bacterial metabolic waste products.

In turn, the growth factors in Colostrum influence inflammatory processes, the restoration of destroyed tissue, e.g. after injuries, and the regeneration and optimization of the calf's organ functions.

In addition, Colostrum contains special glycoproteins and protease inhibitors, which protect the contained bioactive components from decomposition in the digestive system.

And for humans.

The extraordinary combination of over 400 interactive substances found in the first milk of cows is 99% identical to that found in human Colostrum. This guarantees an almost optimal bioavailability.

Thus, colostrum is quasi "by nature" already perfectly tailored to our organism. And this complex cocktail is not reproducible even in the laboratory to this day.

In particular, Colostrum from the first two milkings after the birth of the calf guarantees the highest possible concentration of nutrients. This is because it is precisely during this period that over 80% of the relevant ingredients are already transferred.

The Medsportiv® GmbH has been developing and marketing innovative Colostrum-based preparations for human use since 2002, in particular the excellent organic (BIO) products of the protected Bestvital® brand. Masterfully adapted to all daily challenges.

Bestvital® Colostrum. All included.


All Bestvital® Colostrum vital substance products are legally classified as food or dietary supplements and are not a substitute for medical treatment or prescribed medication.

Due to the German Medicines Act, we as manufacturers and distributors are not legally permitted to emphasize health, performance-enhancing and / or special medical effects of our Bestvital® Colostrum products.

We can only make statements about the function Colostrum fulfills in nature and what possible consequences may be derived from this for humans.

We must therefore refer you to the worldwide colostrum / beast milk literature regarding application observations and medical studies. We ask for your understanding. Thank you very much.